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Originally Posted by matt tempkin some extent I will agree with you.
However, the typical shooter will realize that there is no way in heck they could ever emulate such an instructor and it could lead to a lack of self confidence.
See, I don't buy that. I was in a three day class with Todd Jarrett, where the skill level of the attendees varied from experienced competition shooters all the way down to guys who all they had ever done was plink on the range. Not a single one of them got discouraged, primarily because Todd was such an excellent teacher - the people at low skill levels were encouraged because they were able to see their accuracy and speed improve because they listened, and the people at higher skill levels were engaged because they were able to sharpen existing skills.

So, I would only agree with you if the instructor/top level pro who is running the class is a poor teacher, because then the newbies would discouraged. However, a good teacher is going to be able to effectively impart his or her skills without discouraging newbies. It's just like the self-defense classes that Kay Miculek (Jerry's wife) teaches. Of course the women who take these class aren't going to win an IPSC championship, but none of them expect to. Kay is such a good teacher that she can work with even the worst student and keep them engaged in the class.
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