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Originally Posted by matthew tempkin
Dave...true..but I have a problem with the top sport shooters teaching cops.
As I would with Mike Tyson teaching boxing self defense to a 40 year old housewife.
What works for the expert with unlimited time and ammo--not to mention inborn natural talent--will probably not work for the typical Joe/Jane police officer.
See, this is where we disagree, because I know for a fact that the top pros are more than capable of imparting some of their basic skill sets to both cops and armed citizens. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Things like drawing, proper grip, shooting on the move, engaging multiple targets, and reloading in a big damn hurry are all skills that the top pros have in spades, and skills that your average beat cop and armed citizen would definitely be better off for having. That's specifically why law enforcement agencies pay top dollar to have guys like Todd Jarrett and Robbie Leatham teach their cops those very fundamentals. No, those cops are not going to win an IDPA championship, or an IPSC world title, and they shouldn't be - but they are certainly going to be better prepared to execute the fundamental shooting skills necessary to win in a violent encounter.
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