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There are problems with disassembling a Mauser bolt that's had the original safety removed.
The original fit in the large hole on top of the bolt shroud and was a major part of disassembly.

AS I RECALL, (note the qualifier), you can hook the cocking piece (the sear) over a table edge and push the bolt away from you to pull the cocking piece farther out of the bolt shroud.
The cocking piece is the large round cylinder just below the big hole in the next to last picture.

"There should be (again the qualifier) a small hole drilled sideways through the cocking piece through which you can stick a nail or good punch to "lock" the cocking piece back.

With the cocking piece pinned back, press the bolt lock (large pin) on the front left side of the bolt shroud and unscrew the rear of the bolt.
The bolt lock is the large pin on the right side in picture number one.

After cleaning an lubing the internals of the bolt and firing pin and spring assemblies, screw them back together until the bolt lock snaps home, use the table edge to pull the cocking piece back and pull the punch out.

MAKE SURE you have the rear of the bolt FULLY screwed in the front section before pulling out the punch.
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