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Trip to CMP South Advice


I will stop by CMP South (Anniston) right before they break for Christmas.

I intended to just pick up my first M1 Garand, but SWMBO said, "Might as well pick up a M1 Carbine while we're there, since with <the more anti-RKBA candiate> likely winning the Presidency, who knows what will be available to leave to our children."

Who am I to question such wifely wisdom?

Now the question becomes which particular rifles. My purpose for these rifels is as follows:
1. Shooter. I shoot the firearms I own. If it collects dust, that is my fault.
2. History. I want to keep them intact. I will not butcher them.
3. Competition. When I get time, I want to enter one of those unaltered Garand shoots.
4. Home defense. My wife is slight of stature and a M1 Carbine might be up her alley, long-gun wise. Never know until you shoot one.

I would give up desirability for quality any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

M1 Garand:
My first inclination is to get a $595 Service Grade as a shooter. I am not up on the desirability/quality of SA vs HRA, so could use a pointer.

I am intrigued by the $750 Correct Grade HRA Special, however. Given the stock is a new manufacture, does anyone think the condition alone (throat erosion & muzzle wear) worth the extra $155 vs the Service Grade?

$750 will be a stretch, so the higher-dollar Granads will have to be adopted by someone with more disposable cash.

M1 Carbine:
The only thing I know about M1 Carbine desirability/quality is that the Inland-produced ones have a reputation for being least so.

Unfortunately, the Inlands seem the only Service Grade available. The thread here ( indicates some Winchesters of indeterminate condition will come on-board.

Any Carbine pointers?

In-Person Examination
Any pointers on what to look for? I could order some gauges from Brownells if that is considered wise, as my 03 C&R gets me the discount.


Thanks for any help.
Regards, jfruser
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