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I don't need more FOF Deaf.
I have been involved in dozens of armed and unarmed encounters ( mainly unarmed) throughout 20 years as an on duty court officer, off duty CO and 10 years moonlighting second security jobs during NYC's bad old, pre -Gualini days.( 1979-1989)
The fact that I never had to fire a shot in anger--but I came very close more times than I care to admit--is due to the necessary mental/awareness attitude that my old man drummed into me.
Something which is sorely lacking in any sporting event.
In other words, I was never taken by surprise
To be frank I found martial arts competition making me do dumb things when actually fighting/controlling bad guys for real, which is why I gave up classical ju jitsu/karate soon after coming on the job.
Sounds as if it is you who needs some real world experience on which to base your opinions.

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