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Hey Deaf, how come you never mention that Cirillo--in fact no one else but Chapman--was ever able to duplicate in competition what he had done for real that day in the bodega?
Actually what Cirillo said was he never has been able to duplicate the speed he did to shoot those three. Nothing about competition was mentioned. Of course he didn't play by the rules (I think he went behind the targets to supprise them.) Notice he did that just one time....

And yes he sang the praise of competition, hunting, family life, reloading/gun tinkering, and other things he felt made you more competitent and mature. He didnt' believe it? Hmmm. You must have a real good ouija board Matt.

Sure he shot faster. When you are jacked up with adrenalin it's very common to go faster than you have ever gone. You didn't know that? With all that FOF you do that has never been discovered Matt?

We see that all the time in martial arts sparring compeitition. People doing things faster then they ever did in practice (and even doing things they never even did in practice!) Even in IDPA I've made speed head shots at 20 yards that I would have thought with impossible times and have never been able to do it on a range.

You need more FOF Matt or something.
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