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Yes, Deaf..Cirillo used his front sight to win his first stakeout gunfight.
Why not, since he had the time, distance and the cover to do so.
Why do so many see this as an either or thing?
Cirillo was a firm believer in BOTH point and aimed fire, as he states here in his last book..
Cirillo was a beat cop first who had one shooting before going to the stakeout squad.
And yes, he sang the praises of competition--even though he once angered Farnam by not "playing by the rules"
when going through John's new Dueletron.
Of course Jimmy also felt that big game hunting was important for a warrior--something that may or may not be true as well.
Lastly, what the squad did was not typical police gun fighting but more akin to ambushing.
Nothing wrong with that, mind you, but the tactics for the proactive may not always work for the reactive.
Hey Deaf, how come you never mention that Cirillo--in fact no one else but Chapman--was ever able to duplicate in competition what he had done for real that day in the bodega?
Funny, no?
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