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The Positives

IDPA is a sport, with realistic guns, the positives from that sport are, lots of concealed draws, with a gun you carry (me) Milli second recognition of a not so good hit (from the trigger release, not from the visual hit) and the adding of an other shot. Trigger control is the most important part of sport/bullseye shooting, it is also kinda important when trying to punch someones ticket who has got his stolen gun out his clothing, pointed it at you, but it did not fire! not the time to loose that trigger control the firing of a few thousand rounds a year, in somewhat simulated stress has given you.

Having sport shooters, really good ones, teaching LEOs has some down sides, one, in my opinion, is the new shooting grip, weak hand thumb extended forward, onto the frame (more skin on gun, better control) try it on a Magnum Revolver! the gases from the cylinder burn! if some one gets his paws on your pistol? that hold is not as secure in holding on to your weapon. The old thumb turned down strong hand and other paw wrapped tight around that primary hand is a "try to yank this away from me" winner in a knock down drag and bite contest.

In monitoring a class taught by two brothers, sport shooters, to promote a pop up and down plate machine (good piece of kit) at an ATC, I had to step in and stop the comment "that shot is no good!" called on a young Police Officer, this was a two inch below the 8" head plate shot, a hit on the support bar, "Hold it!" said I, "this is a ten yard shot, because of splash back risks, even with your nice wrap around Oakley's" " confrontation with your friendly drug dealer in the parking lot of the after hours Club, that hit would have took out his Adams apple, and spine, a good thing!"

The shot missed a plate, yes, but not a bad shot in real terms. So trigger control, trigger control, trigger control. I was thanked later by the vendor, he had his eyes opened a bit, slowing down too much to get that hit, well that might not be a good thing sometimes.
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