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The meaning isn't clear, and your version of it can certainly be valid, but the "ego driven" phrasing seems to me to be referring to that "let's use the game technique to win even though that technique could get you killed in an actual gunfight" mentality.
My 'ego' isn't driving the phrasing of my questions, Taylors statement is.

...Competition shooting allows the participant to examine the course of fire, determine how best to deal with it and even practice it in advance until he feels he has reached an acceptable efficiency level.....In combat the opposite is true, which is why for well over 100 years, competition shooting techniques have always failed to save lives when applied to life and death situations.
For well over a hundred years 'competition shooting techniques' have always failed when applied to life or death situations?

Exactly which 'techniques' failed and why? I would agree with you that it is ambiguous, except for the 'always failed' qualifier. How could anyone possibly even know that with any sort of reasonable certainty? Sounds like overblown BS delivered while trying to make a point, probably that his 'real' life combat instruction is superior to everybody else's, but I'll reserve judgment till more facts are available.
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