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Those of you who feel that, for whatever reason, you will need to go looking, why not get some training?

I know that in the basic class at Gunsite (250) you get several trips through the "fun house" and an outdoor simulator. I believe that some other major schools, like Thunder Ranch, also include some instruction in a "shoot house" in even their basic classes. And then take some advance courses, preferably including some force-on-force instruction.

That kind of training will be expensive and time consuming. But it will at least give you some small idea of what you'd be up against if you chose to go looking for a possible bad guy in your home or on your property. It will also introduce you to various techniques for doing something that is unavoidably difficult and dangerous. (And just as a guess, I'd kind of suspect that after taking that sort of training, some of you won't be quite so anxious to go investigating things that go bump in the night.)

Originally Posted by scriverdog
...I have Mr. Ayoob's books on my nightstand right next to my pistol and shotgun....
I met Massad Ayoob about three weeks ago and took his LFI-1 class. You might be interested in the fact that he strongly recommended not going looking for a possible bad guy and spent a good deal of time discussing why it was a bad idea to do so. (see post #25, above)

Originally Posted by scriverdog seems to me that when we lose the will to stand up to crime, the BGs win...
But it also doesn't do anyone any good to stand up to crime and lose. Let's not forget the story that started this thread. A Good Guy with a gun and a friend goes looking for a Bad Guy; the Good Guy loses an arm, and the Bad Guy gets away. This is a sad result for the Good Guy and his family, and it is not a good example of effective crime fighting. The Good Guy stood up to crime, and the Bad Guy won.

The point is to stand up to crime in ways that will give you, the Good Guy, victory. If you find yourself in a fair fight, you don't understand tactics.
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