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From BillCA:
No BG, but that "unusual noise" was present. Rather than calling our local PD, spending 2 minutes on the phone describing the situation (before they dispatch), the 45 second delay (at least) before dispatching and their average 9 minute response (dispatch to arrival) I decided to look first. Had it been a BG, (a)it's doubtful they would have heard me coming, (b) I did approach the area cautiously and (c) my 3" .45 wheelgun would have evened the odds considerably. I thought I had a BG when seeing the hood open, but my neighbor's build is easily ID'd even at night.
Bill, I presume you know what you are doing where you live, but people should know that your action would have been illegal in many places. In Missouri, merely producing a gun outside, if you are not in imminent danger of death or serious bodily harm, would be a crime.
In addition, a CCW holder cannot detain a criminal.

So: there's more risk to me in going outside than in staying in.

From Double Nought Spy:
David, do you drive? Is it really worth getting killed over? Come on.
Surely you jest! Would anyone seriously equate the risk of driving with the risk inherent in walking into a gunfight or ambush?
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