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however, allowing an individual or individuals to break into my home while I hide in my bedroom feels too much like being victimized to me. there is no way police will arrive to catch the BG. so while I'm hiding in my bedroom waiting for Mr. Bad Guy to take what he wants, he will be free to victimize another family tomorrow night.
1. Why do you care about feelings over your physical safety? Think about it.

2. If one takes up to date modern FOF training, the person hiding in the bedroom is not cowering or passive. They usually:

a. Take a defensive position so as to win the fight in need be.
b. Call the law and loudly inform the BGs that you have called the law and are armed
c. Discuss outcomes in the cold light or reason. Usally after you've been shot with sims, paintball or airsoft. If you get killed in the incident, will the rest of society gather to feed and clothe your family? How many here have sent money to the guy with no arm in praise of his actions? Cold blooded rationality has something to be said for it.

3. As I've said many times - you have to be able to distinguish between the emotional and cognitive evaluations of your action's consequences.

It is pretty established that exploring the house and engaging increases your risk - is it worth it? If the emotional and/or ideological is your prime motivation as compared to personal and family physical safety, engage in behaviors that maximize the emotional or ideological outcome.
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