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Had it been a BG, (a)it's doubtful they would have heard me coming, (b) I did approach the area cautiously and (c) my 3" .45 wheelgun would have evened the odds considerably.
But what if they did hear you coming, and they also had a 3" .45 wheelgun?
[2] While he didn't go outside on this incident, he has had to do so on others.
Has he had to do so, or has he chosen to do so? Basic questionn I always ask. "Is it worth getting killed over?" As long as they are outside, there is rarely any real need to go out and track them down. Usually they will run away with light and noise. If light and noise doesn't run them off, do you really want to go out and find out why these folks are bold enough not to be bothered by the lights and noise?
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