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Form Glenn E. Meyer:
If you think that you might need to go outside and search - get some friends with airsoft guns. Have one of two of them be outside noise makers and wait for you outside when you go to search. Their job is to either be obvious outside or hide (as if they heard you come out).
And become aware of the law in you area!

Leaving the dwelling or car means that you are not operating under castle laws ("occupied dwelling or automobile").

In many locations, one cannot walk around outside unless the gun is concealed. That's true where I live in a densely populated area in Missouri.

And if there's an outdoor confrontation, in many areas (including mine) your first obligation is to avoid engagement. So why go outside in the first place? (I know, in Texas after 30 minutes after sun-down...).

None of this is intended to take away from Glenn's suggestion, which would no doubt prove quite illuminating.
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