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this thread has given me a lot to think about.

I don't have any expertise to add but I'm posting because I'm really bugged. I will admit up front that my reaction to the dialogue is emotional. I have my flame suit on so fire away and tell me where I'm wrong.

I chose to own firearms to avoid having my family victimized. we each may define that in different ways. admittedly, if everyone survives a break-in, that is the best that can be hoped for.

however, allowing an individual or individuals to break into my home while I hide in my bedroom feels too much like being victimized to me. there is no way police will arrive to catch the BG. so while I'm hiding in my bedroom waiting for Mr. Bad Guy to take what he wants, he will be free to victimize another family tomorrow night. NO, I don't have anything worth dying for. but once someone breaks into my home, a conflict I didn't ask for has begun, like it or not.

the bad guys reading this forum now understand that the prevailing wisdom from those with the experience here is to avoid the confrontation. if they can break in knowing they are unlikely to be confronted in an occupied home, we may as well leave the doors unlocked because it'll be open season on home owners.

my point is, I don't need firearms to hide in my bedroom with my wife. it seems to me that what keeps us safe is the bad guy not knowing what he is walking into. yes, I understand that the crack head, actually anyone willing to enter an occupied home isn't thinking rationally.

I want to make it clear that I am a novice and certainly no hero. I'm not looking for a gun fight and I'm not itching to shoot anyone. but once an individual enters my home uninvited, prevailing wisdom aside,I will have no heistation drawing down and firing on the individual(s). Right or wrong, the way I see it, if I don't, tomorrow night it could be your home. And I'll have to live with wondering if I could have done something that might have prevented that.

I have Mr. Ayoob's books on my nightstand right next to my pistol and shotgun. I have more work to do to fortify my home, to train and to plan for the day I hope doesn't come. I will do more to educate myself and to prepare. But it seems to me that when we lose the will to stand up to crime, the BGs win and the liberals may as well come take my guns.
Never trust your vote to a politician who won't trust you with a gun!
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