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Originally posted by BillCA

Crime Rises
As criminals see the citizenry become defenseless they will change their tactics.
* Muggings on the street will become more common.
* Carjacking to obtain desirable autos increases.
* Home-invasion style robberies take a huge jump since citizens are less likely to have a gun. The thugs will have their guns with them, of course.
* Rape increases, especially kidnap-rape crimes.
* Gang activity increases and spreads to formerly "nice" neighborhoods. Gang members intimidate anyone they please and are still armed with guns.
* Crime sprials out of control in many areas of major cities. Thugs become bold enough to assault and rob patrons on mass transit without fear of interference or apprehension. Parking garages with any form of security charge astronomical rates...

There... did I miss anything?
Since citizens can no longer protect themselves, billionaire Bruce Wayne learns some sweet ninja moves, dons some base-jumping gear, and cleans up the criminal element just described. See? nothin' to worry about

Oh, and along that same cinematic vein, there is a Secondary Effect that has not yet been discussed that drips with irony:

With the banning, confiscation, and destruction of firearms, Hollywood suffers incredible losses at the box office since firearms are unable to be used as props and action movies and television shows are therefore no longer produced. Starving actors, writers, and directors are then forced to reconsider their political loyalties in order to feed the children that they had with their first, second, and third spouses.
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