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I've got a pretty good view of my property from my bedroom window. My property is insured.

LEGALLY, if I start wandering around to figure out what has my dogs, or my driveway alarm go off, while the law says I can protect property, I would still face 12 people that don't know how to get our of jury duty, if I go "looking for trouble".

911 in my area can be over an hour away, or more. That said, I've got a good defensive area in my house/bedroom.

If a BG, or BGs. are IN MY HOUSE, I have the right to shoot to kill. Old solid walls, great tactical location if BGs approach my "safe zone".

Hopefully, 911 responds, if they don't, they've been alerted and I have a planned defense of the home.
South Dakota Right-To-Carry Law, Type: Shall Issue. Local county sheriff or the local police are the issuing authorities.
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