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I swear I had 2 pickpockets shadowing me the other day at a casino. I can't stand somebody following me on my heels. The first one followed too closely and turned at every aisle I turned. As I finally turned to face him his eyes immediately averted my gaze and he pretended to sit at a nearby machine. I stood there and watched him for several minutes, thereby forcing him to waste a few coins, until he got up and left. The second, about a half hour later, pretty much did the same thing, and this time I quickly turned and silently got in his face. This one turned white, did a 180, and practically ran in the other direction. I swore to my wife the next one was going to get his arm broke, and had one of these reached for my wallet, that's exactly what would have happened. The wallet, of course, was switched to the front pocket. But nothing else happened. A gun, however, is a no-no in a casino so I was without that.

you have your ELBOW over your IWB?

how do you accomplish this? either you are built like an ape, with REALLY long arms, or do you wear your pants up around your chest, like an old man?

When I IWB my 1911 I have no problem having my elbow right on the grip given where it rides and its cant.
Musketeer is right. I am 6'4" 250lbs. and I have no problem wedging my elbow against my Ultra CDP or my HKUSP45C for that matter. It rides in about the same position as my OWB as far as height, and at 2 or 2:30 rather than 3 O'clock. Either way, I can use my elbow for a little support or just for a simple check.
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