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I will second the idea that the spindle thru hole size is important.The larger size not only accomodates putting a barrel through,it allows a 5-c collet drawbar.
I do not have experience with a Grizzly.I won't knock them.
In my case,a lot of good work has been done with a 1941 Navy Signal Corps South Bend 10x36 .It has taper attachement,3 jaw,4,5c jaw,Aloris clone quick change tooling,etc.
Something else that wears on old lathes is the tailstock.It take too long to write about all of it,but beware.
Consider if the machine is single or 3 phase.Phase converters work,but be aware.
Harrisons,Clausings are a pretty good machine but watch the variable speed clausings.The do wear out drives.South bends and Logans can be good
Old can be superb.I've run a number old Monarchs.Cinncinati Hydrashift is pretty good,too.

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