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Glenn E. Meyer
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If all guns are banned, it would be because there would have been major legislative, excutive and court concurrence in such.

That is not going to happen with strong support from the majority of the voting populace.

Today on NPR, in a discussion of issues which seemed to lose importance this time around, gun control was mentioned. Also, on, they discussed why it wasn't a big deal this time around.

Two reasons:

Economic crash is more important.
The Democrats learned from 1994 and 2000 to leave it alone.

Thus, if such a ban surface and was implemented it would be with strong support from most folks.

A subset of folks would 'rise' up! Then they would be hammered down. Tim McVeigh sure garnered a lot of support for his actions, now didn't he?

If you decided to become a rebel given overwhelming support for total gun bans that would be necessary for such to occur, you are toast for population support. You would have NO sea of the populace to hide in.
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