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Hi, I am asking a straightforward question. Lets pretend that our next president were to place a ban on handguns, or all guns.

What exactly happens? What does it mean?

Does the government just take guns we already own from us? Do we get money based upon the retail value for them? Will there be a date that we must turn them in, before looking at criminal charges?

Or does it mean we simply can't buy anymore? Do we get to keep what we have?
Whatever they think they can get away with.

Why do you think there are rules here?

They would love to do a "turn them all in Mr. and Mrs. America" (to quote the gun banning gun owner with poor trigger discipline Diane Feinstein), with house to house sweeps and metal detectors on every neighborhood corner. They can't. They'll do what they think they can get away with.

What that would mean is that there will be a lot of guns that sit unused in closets.

My brother, who lived in Japan for 15 years, tells me that it was not unusual for wartime era rifles to turn up there when a house would be damaged by an earthquake, and the wreckage gone through. Somebody stashed it, back when, and it didn't do anybody any good since.

That's what would happen here.
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