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Let's be realistic, when a BG is coming at you, you're just gonna shoot at general mass of his body until he discontinues his advance. Also, "two in the chest, one to the head" most definitely is considered "execution style" and therefore very hard to defend in court. Regardless of whether you are actually executing the guy or not, what you think doesn't matter, only what the jury thinks.
Glad you cleared that up! I better call Ayoob, Smith, Suarez and all the other guys out there who are respected trainers for civilians and LEOs in addition to the hours of court testimony Ayoob has given as an accepted expert witness on the subject and tell them they are all wrong.

I do agree with you on one important issue. YOU will almost certainly fail to compensate for a failure to stop if you should ever encounter one since you have already made your mind up on the subject. It takes some real hubris though to declare that everyone else, especially those who have given it serious thought and put training into it, will react as poorly as yourself.
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