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OK I have had the priveledge as a young man to manage a group of 20 volunteers to work with me. Within the first week 15 of the 20 wanted to unvolunteer themselves because basically I was being a weenie. I was steamrolling them... not letting them do their jobs and micro-managing them.

1. Let them do their jobs and comunicate what you expect from them.

2. If they arent doing what you need them to do .... give them direction. Help them correct their own deficiencies and let them know that their is consequences to not correcting what you want from them.

3. Be fair ... treat the people working for you the way you would want to be treated. I guess this falls under the respect category.

4. I have always demanded respect because thats what I have learned to give in the begining... it when they lose it and have to earn my respect back is the hard part.

5. 4p's Praise in Public... Punish in Private.

6. Lead by example....cant get on someone for not making muster if you stroll in 10 minuites after it starts

7. Communicate both ways....some of your subordinates might have good ideas. I had a Senior Chief in the Navy that said " Dont come to me with a problem unless you have a possible solution on how to fix it ". I know you are saying..Then whats the point you have solved it... well no .. it may have been tried maybe not... but at least you were thinking on your feet.

If you think of it in these terms in my opinion it doesnt matter if they are armed or not... arent weapons just a tool anyway. OK you run a factory... 100 ton press for stamping machine parts.. new equipment... your operator drops the ball on training and makes it unsafe and a huge piece of steel flies from the press and injures someone. You work in a fertilizer factory and one of your employee's does something silly and the whole warehouse of Ammonium nitrate goes KAAABOOM and levels half the town it in. Its the same thing as the person in the military. Accidents happen... friendly fire... imagine being involved in that ugly scenario. If you take care of your people usually your people will find a way to say ... ummm wouldnt that be bad... and if you are communicating with them ... they may just save your glutious maximus...
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