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Well Lets just say this... It is a good practical drill. It should also be used in conjunction with cover and concealment. Not all people involved in shooting senarios get tunnel vision. Some lose their hearing....some people freeze..others run .... wetting yourself.... deficating on yourself. All these reactions have been know to happen when under stress in a shooting situation. Training and repetition does help. One of the reasons SWAT officers put shooting evolutions in there obstacle courses is to artificially induce stress during thier shooting. Military sniper training has the spotter and sniper do physical exercises and are allowed to look at 6 objects on the ground and have to identfy a large number of them. They learn to think while under stress. Your physical fitness also helps... by putting your body into stress the mind learns to deal with that. Calling it a execution style drill is a little over the top. If you train that way and are taught that way then that is what hopefully takes over when if it happens and you can state that. It also helps in learning how to shoot a weapon with slight movement. Its called "Body Armor Drill" for us. I do agree at shooting him in the hip ..groin....big toe.... whatever will slow or stop the BG. The best training is also being aware so you never have to get in that situation in the first place. Situational awareness... survive by it.
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