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"This should be a place where tactics that help you avoid shootings, and tactics that reduce your chance of ending up in court or jail should also be quite accepted. The fact that so many posts here involve shooting when there is no real need, that it is OK to be dishonest as long as you don't get caught, how can you best skirt the law, and similar threads is disturbing to some of us."

Absolutly!!! I agree with that statement 100%, however the question on this thread was about what technique would work if there was a need, (i.e. the badguy has body armor or is on drugs of somesort). I made my comment earlier in response to someone who offered no particular insight to the question asked by the op and who mocked all who offered advice to the op. In my opinion that was disrespectful:barf:. There was a time before I was a LEO, that I knew next to nothing about what the right tactics were and what kind of training I should get. in those times I looked to TFL for advice and most often I found honest and for the most part accurate advice, from others who have been there and done it. That is what this forum should be about as well.

like I said, I agree with you 100%. This forum is about tactics and training. which should and does include situational awareness, de-escalation, security measures, legal precautions, following the law, what to do before during and after an incident and so forth. as well as shooting and general defense techniques and tactics.

as a side note- failure to stop drill is standard in any training i've received.
good luck
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