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I got Nagant fever...

Lately I've found myself feeling an uncontrollable urge to look up old milsurp bolt guns. I've wanted a Mosin-Nagant for a few years, but couldn't get motivated enough to actually buy one. So yesterday, I went to the surplus store on the edge of town looking for a new winter coat. The coats were next to the milsurp end of the gun counter, and an Izhvesk 91/30 caught my eye. Stamped 1942, it was a solid "good" condition. All the bits and pieces are present, and the only "problem" is some scuffs around the bayonet mounting area. Also had a few spots on the stock, but they are small, and few in number. They were asking $99 with all the field gear (to include Nagant multi-tool, oiler, sling, bayonet, mag pouch, and cleaning kit). I got approval from the wife, and it came straight home with me. Since it was the display model, most of the cosmoline was cleaned out of the action. The bore is still caked, but what I have uncovered is bright and looks promising---but it has definitely been counterbored at some point.

I have since ordered a spam can of Russian light ball, and one of Romanian heavy ball. I can't wait to hit the range and play "enemy at the gates" on my wannabe sniper course behind dad's place. I have a feeling that more Nagants may be in my future....
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