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I looked at duracoat a few years back as an alternative offering, alongside our Tuff-Gun finishes. I researched for any test results, like chemical submergence results or Mil-Spec ratings, etc. There were none.

Many "Gun People" use their firearms in less-than-freindly environmental conditions and many of them ask us: "Will your finish protect my firearm from this or that"? I've been asked stuff like if our finish would be damaged by the de-icers in aviation fuel! (By an Alaskan bush pilot & the answer is NO!) "How about Muriatic acid vapors"? (By a pool guy and the answer is NO!)

I contacted the distributor for duracoat with my questions and was told: "Just try it. You'll love it". After several minutes, I realized that he was unable to answer my questions because there are no test results pertaining to duracoat as used on firearms.

I need to able to answer questions about the finish that I am applying to the firearm. I can't tell the Customer to just try it and you'll love it or it worked real good on Billy Bob's pistola.

Duracoat has it's on long gun stocks where curing heat is not tolerated. But, I already have a finish for that. I've never used duracoat so I can't attest to it's real life capabilities. However, based solely on the lack of real information about it, I probabaly won't ever use it.

I use Gunkote for our finish. I use a LOT of Gunkote and have for about thirty years. I've used it on firearms, model boat engines, my sports car engine, Superbike class race engines, etc. I know what it can do and if I don't know, their web site has all of the test results so I can find out. No, I don't own stock in the company. I just don't like duracoat! Their advertising is like obama's campaign: No substance but just try it. You'll love it.
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