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I took a piece of PVC pipe, about 3" long, and cut a sight window in the side.I glued a PVC cap on the end. Then I put a lifter spring from an old lawnmower inside, to give it some adjustment. On top of the spring, I put in a piece of 3/4" Hardwood dowell rod about 1 1/2" long (Painted white). I painted the tube dark green, so I could see the white insert easier. I then marked a line all the way around the dowell rod, so I can see the line even if it turns inside the cylinder. I took another PVC cap, and drilled a hole in the end of it, big enough for my loading rod to go through, and glued it on the remaining end of the PVC tube, to keep everything inside. Once everything was dry, I put my rod on my bathroom scale and marked 3 lines on my tube, one for 35 lbs, one for 40 lbs, and one for 45lbs. I then tested each setting 10 times each, and the pressure came out within 3lbs of the setting each time. I tested the rod pressure without the gizmo, and I could not get any closer than 8 lbs difference in 10 trys, so the gizmo makes a definite difference.

I could not get a drawing of this gizmo to load onto the forum, so I hope this will give anyone wanting one, an idea of how to build one.

I will give all the credit for the gizmo to kwhi43, as he is where I got the idea from.

Great little tool, and easy to use, and definitely takes the guess work out of loading.
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