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If you talk to people who have been in firefights you will find some interesting information. The likelyhood of you actually hitting your target where you intend is very low. In a firefight you lose all fine motor skills, you will get tunnel vision, your adrenaline will be pumping, and if your target is on the move then you may not even hit it.

Talk to some police officers who have been in firefights and see how many shots they fired versus how many if any actually hit their targets.
Of course you include all the people who never seriously thought they would be in a shooting and practiced in that category. This includes the majority of the LEOs I have known, including my own family members. Sorry but your analysis is about as valid as telling a person their chances of being bitten by a shark is infinitesimal based on a total population analysis while ignoring that the person is a regular surfer off the coast of FL.

Again, the vast majority of people never consider a lethal force encounter with any seriousness let alone a failure to stop along with practice. Just taking those items into account raises you to a completely different level than the masses of people for whom such statements as you make apply to.
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