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The K31 is the rifleman's rifle of the milsurp world.

The Swiss cannot help themselves and built a
target rifle disguised as a service rifle. The long
and deep Swiss culture of fine craftsmanship and
firearm technology come together in the K31.

Wonderful rifles. I have done much target work with
them and also hunting. I also invested in them
when they were even more ridiculously priced than
they are now. They are still at bargain prices.

K31 kudos profile --

1. Shoots standard 30 caliber bullets, brass readily available
2. Very easily, cheaply, and effectively scoped
3. Virtually all have excellent bores and crowns
4. Most are very accurate
5. All have excellent triggers
6. They have very good iron sights
7. Superb build quality
8. Handles well
9. Nice diopter sight sets available for the K31
10. The 7.5x55 is a superbly balanced and inherently accurate cartridge

I also have a couple of Yugo M24/47's. They are fine rifles
at a modest cost. But the K31 is in another class. Same class
as the M96 Swedish Mauser in respect to quality, accuracy, etc.
It is not by accident that more and more you see these two rifles pitted
against one another at military rifle matches.


P.S. JW062 is mistaken about the "shortage" of GP11. It is readily
available at this time and there is plenty in Swiss warehouses.
The last GP11 to be loaded was vintage 1995. The vintage showing
up here now is 1978. We are a long way from running out of GP11.
If anything, 8x57 surplus is the cartridge that is drying up.

If any military service ammunition can be described as "match grade" it
is GP11. Considering the quality it is not expensive.

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