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I'm looking for a good coating for a few of my projects as well.

Note that Duracoat and GunKote are two different things. What I've learned so far is that Duracoat requires spray equipment and baking isn't necessary-but that it's too thick for tight tolerances. GunKote is available in spray cans or liquid and requires pre-heating the part and a 300f baking. GK is also indicated for moving internals.

But I'm just learning about this stuff. And would be glad to hear more from folks with experience with either or both.

And Howdy from TN-this is my first post. I'll be back later, daylight is a burning right now-I'm going to go check on borrowing some spray equipment.

Been shooting/loading/hunting for over 25 years. Maybe I can add a thing here or there. Always more to learn, another gun to try, another load to test, another varmint eating my acorns...

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