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I don't know. As far as I can tell it is a Mauser 98 with Husqvarna markings.

The stock is a dark walnut look.

It's been hunting in Kodiak.

I think it is a typical sporterized Mauser 98, but the sporterizing stopped short of a sporter safety.

I took a look at Brownells and Midway USA. I see bolt shrouds with no wing safety provision to be used with the Timney trigger with mounted safety. I also see bolt shrouds with the model 70 style safety. I am guessing the model 70 route would be one new part, the trigger mounted safety sporter would be 2 parts. Not sure what machine work and other parts would be needed. I imagine the stock would have to be opened up for the safety to clear for the trigger-mounted safety.

It doesn't look like the HVA or 1640.

Reading up in Wikipedia: Husqvarna used FN M98 actions.
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