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Husqvarna mauser scope clearance

My brother bought a Burris Fullfield II scope for his Husqvarna deer rifle.
This is a mauser style rifle with the safety on the back of the bolt assembly. I think it is called a wing safety.

Well the new scope doesn't clear the safety. He is using very tall see-through rings. I think they are the Leupold rings.

What setup is usually done to put a scope on these rifles? He had a 4x on it that was short enough, but it didn't match the capabilities of the 270 Win.
Is there a mount that can move the scope forward enough? He would need longer eye relief in that case.

Can he get it modified to a sporter safety like the Timney in my Parker Hale? What parts/modifications/cost are involved. I hate to see the rifle cut up, but it is a hunting rifle, not a safe gun.
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