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Im not talking about the officers going postal, but asking how it is to coach a group of people on different weapons exercises and weapons in general.

Coaching a group of people through a specific process can be fairly challenging. When I managed people, it would sometimes be a daunting task and not everyone would "get it" all at once. Some people "get it" through a simple half-hour of whiteboarding and no further instruction is needed. Some people "get it", but dont really want to follow your direction. Then there are those who want to follow direction, but dont really "get it" and need much more instruction then a simple whiteboarding. Then there are the ones that never really "get it"...the list goes on....However, with the people I managed, it didnt matter if mistakes were made on occasion because no one got hurt and there was always second-chances to improve.

Lets say, for example, the department changes from a SIG P226 in 9mm to a Glock 21 in .45. Lets say your in charge of a small group of officers that just made the change and need to coach them on the use, care, etc. of the new weapon and qualify them at the range. I can only imagine how daunting this management task can be...
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