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Another anecdote from Francis Parkman

A lot of Parkman's observations seems familiar to many of we menfolk today. The husband's silence in face of his wife's anger. His ignoring of her ranting. His total disregard of her actions. Yep, many guys do that today too. However, I do not recommend anyone resort to the husband's method of disciplining his wife.

We were entertained with an epidosde of Indian domestic life. A vicious-looking squaw, beside herself with rage, was berating her spouse, who, with a look of total unconcern, sat cross-legged in the middle of his lodge, smoking his pipe in silence. At length, maddened by his coolness, she made a rush at the lodge, seized the poles which supported it, and tugged at them, one after the other, till she brought down the whole structure, poles, hides, and all, clattering on his head, burying him in the wreck of his habitation. He pushed aside the hides with his hand, and presently his head emerged, like a turtle's from its shell. Still he sat smoking sedately as before, a wicked glitter in his eyes alone betraying the pent-up storm within. The squaw, scolding all the while, proceeded to saddle her horse, bestride him, and canter out of of the camp, intending, as it seemed, to return to her father's lodge, whereever it might be. The warrior, who had not deigned even to look at her, now cooly arose, disengaged himself from the ruins, tied a cord of hair by way of bridle around the jaw of his buffalo horse, broke a stout cudget, about four feet long, from the butt end of a lodge pole, mounted, and galloped majestically over the prairie to discipline his offending helpmeet.
Parkman did use helpmeet. I never seen that word before and think helpmate would be better for modern venacular.
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