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When I was enlisted in the military many years ago, I respected the people above me basically because I had to. There existed the "Wall of Shame" in most of the places where I worked. The wall would contain in great detail the actions they took against those who did wrong with the "Article 15s" hanging prominently for all to see. These walls were usually placed in the high traffic areas so more people could see them.

I remember at Ft Benning at Airborne training the entire training company would be called to attention and there would be the "duffel bag drag". The First Sgt would be standing in the background yelling "dont be this guy" as the dragger they were terminating from the training would be struggling with his belongings in the early morning.

These tactics were enough for me to respect leadership.

Outside of the military, I learned these management tactics dont work and so I wonder how the police keep their people in-line.
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