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You manage people with weapons just like you manage everyone else.

On the other hand, in coaching rifle and pistol teams I found it easier to coach military personal, you have more control. In coaching civilian teams, you really dont have control with those who second guess you. With military shooters you can take away their spotting scopes so they have to depend on the coach. That dosnt float with civilians. You just cant take personal gear and throw it over the burm. With miliary shooters I could ban them from shooting (for the military), I controlled their entry to matches, orders, travel and pay.

I was also a LE firearms instructor. Cops are differant, with most getting them to qualify is like pulling teeth. Most just dont care. The are perfectly satisified with bearly qualifying. Not much you can do. As a company commander I had more control. If I though some one could do better, I could hold them on the range 24/7.

However I disagree with managing and not being friends. A good manage can manage friends and enemies a like. Just takes differant teckneques.
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