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Managing those with weapons

I have had the pleasure of managing and being managed. In my experience managing people is challenging. Its difficult to get people to do what you want them to do exactly. You could "whiteboard" a concept in front of someone and then come back to explain the same process in different ways and they still won't "get it".

Then you can never truly be "friends" with the people you are managing for different reasons. If you are "friends" with your direct reports then what happens is they believe its ok not to do something or dont take what you say seriously each time. As a manager, I have learned that your direct reports need to respect you more then liking you if that makes sense.

Oh the world of management...

So my question is how does a police administrator or military officer manage those with weaponry? The people I managed did not carry weaponry. If the people I managed made a mistake then it didnt matter, the earth would not turn over. However, if a person with a weapon does not follow your orders or makes a mistake then lives are effected.
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