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An old partner of mine once was forced to face a man with a 12" butcher's knife who was charging at him down a narrow hallway. He thumbed off the safety and pressed the trigger on his Series 80 1911 but nothing happened. Fortunately his partner was right behind him with a Glock 21 which performed as designed.

He had shot at the range earlier that shift and had no problems with his 1911. When the armorer stripped his pistol he found that the firing pin was in two pieces rendering the pistol inoperative. The firing pin must have snapped on the last round fired at the range.

This is not a 1911 bashing, merely an illustration that the god Murphy is omnipresent.
"To spit on your hands and lower the pike; to stand fast over the body of Leonidas the King; to be rear guard at Kunu-Ri; to stand and be still to the Birkenhead Drill; these are not rational acts. They are often merely necessary." Pournelle
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