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Encore loading questions

Ok, this first question might be a bit of a dumb one, but it had me kinda thinking the other day.

1) Can you shoot loose powder out of my Encore/Pro Hunter/Endeavor? my though was it would just fall through the hole and you wouldn't get proper gr's each time?

2) Endeavor question- With the ejector, is it supposed to sit all the way in when I put my primer on or does it all slide in together (ejector and primer) as the action is closed? I know the ejector pops out when the action is opened, but wasn't sure if it was supposed to be pushed back in to make the primer sit easier?

Sorry if these questions seem dumb, haven't had a chance to shoot my gun yet and get looking at it and things start running through my mind! Getting my mounts and rings tomorrow or monday and then off to the range!
P.S Anyone got any good loads they wanna share?

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