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i have not seen any of these signs yet, in 8 years. i am kind of in gun country anyway. aside from the obvious post office etc which i know i need to heed. then you got churches, alcohol establishments, school zones etc. from what i read in the paper...we actually have a local officer in trouble for firing twice in a school zone.

was told walmart was gun free, but i cant find a sign. until i know....i dont believe the signs have any legal merit unless there is law backing it up, but i will avoid carrying in those places if i ever see one because i understand any municipality might have the right to make its own laws. my gut feeling is that its no more than a "no shirt no shoes no service" sign and the only trouble would be not leaving if asked. and even a bit less of a restiction, since you couldnt actually see a patron with a gun unless they were letting it show.

but like i said, i cant find mention of it in virginia law.
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