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Bobotech have you tried the Uberti C&B cyl. in the Pietta to see if it's the R&D conversion Cyl. or the Pietta pin size?
Why are you trying the Uberti R&D in a Pietta that takes a .010" longer cyl.?
If that Uberti cyl. is a hair too long it would be perfect for my ASP and Euroarms Rems...I got 3 in .44 cal. they are a hair longer than Uberti.
Dim. as follows: Pietta 2.016" long, Armi San Paolo/Euroarms 2.009" long, Uberti 1.999"-2.000" long. All have the same size cyl. pin I.D. and pins are the same.

Now I'm thoroughly confused.

In a nutshell, the conversion cylinder is a Uberti R&D cylinder.

I have 2 revolvers, a Pietta and a Uberti.

The cylinder does NOT function in the Pietta, the base pin does NOT fit into the conversion cylinder.

THe conversion cylinder fits perfectly into my Uberti like it should.

The cylinder does not time perfectly with every cock. That is the issue. Sometimes it just doesn't lock into place perfectly and is slightly out of time. That is what I need to get fixed.

I really don't know why I even mentioned that I had a Pietta in the first place, that is a non-issue and something I shouldn't have even brought it up, I just managed to confuse everyone. LOL
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