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Honestly, I don't care about the C&B cylinder.
Bobotech have you tried the Uberti C&B cyl. in the Pietta to see if it's the R&D conversion Cyl. or the Pietta pin size?
Why are you trying the Uberti R&D in a Pietta that takes a .010" longer cyl.?
If that Uberti cyl. is a hair too long it would be perfect for my ASP and Euroarms Rems...I got 3 in .44 cal. they are a hair longer than Uberti.
Dim. as follows: Pietta 2.016" long, Armi San Paolo/Euroarms 2.009" long, Uberti 1.999"-2.000" long. All have the same size cyl. pin I.D. and pins are the same.

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