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What do you meen bad peening?
Damage that is caused by metal battering against metal. Think of it as what happens to the head of a chisel when repeatedly struck by a heavy hammer. In the case of the gun that was damaged, the peening was along the lower edge of the bolt face where it strikes the rim of the top round in the magazine, stripping it from the magazine when feeding. The nice, sharp, square edge was pounded so that it was rounded and had a pronounced burr. It never fed right after that, until the gun was sent in for warranty service and had the respective part replaced.

Also, is aluminum what you'd call a "bimetal" case?
No. Different animal altogether. Bimetal cases are steel cases that have a copper wash over them. The basic idea is to lessen the negative aspects of plain steel cases. I found that it didn't help -- those bimetal cases were what caused the peening problem described above. Note that brass cases are softer and have more "springy" "give" than steel cases or bimetal cases, and therefore they are what suffers the peening instead of gun parts. Bimetal cases are not as liable to cause some sorts of damage, however, as opposed to plain steel cases.
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