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Guns Not Going Bang Stories...

If this needs moved then by all means...

Thought this would be an interesting topic. Anyone ever had a gun not fire when you really needed/wanted it to? Either through not loading it properly, keeping the safety on, broken firing pin, etc...

Just last night I went to shoot a scavenger bird that has been terrorizing my dad's rabbit population. I pulled the trigger on a Franchi LAW-12, and nothing happened. Turns out I had hit the magazine disconect on accident before attempting to chamber a round, so, one wasn't in the tube (Which really drove home for me practicing with ALL your equipment). The bird took off when it heard the click, and seemed to be mocking me as it flew away.

My Dad had a very young asian gentleman in black pajamas try to shoot him at close range with an AK-47. Gun went click and Dad then gave a practical demonstration as to why you should be able to clear a bad cartridge from your weapon before whoever you were trying to shoot figures out that you're there. Upon inspecting the cartridge the primer was dimpled, but either hadn't hit hard enough, or was a dud.

Have fun...
J.M. Johnston
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