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because there is no reasonable assumption of probable cause, to listen to his phone in the first place, after he had seen, accepted, and entered a place with a sign? heroin would be illegal regardless so its a little different.

i think i can put up a sign that says "no wristwatches". but unless there is an actual law saying you cant have a wristwatch in a place with a "no wristwatch" sign...all i can do is ask you to leave. and that most likely you are bound to obey. have looked a few times and see no mention of these signs.
i see no results in a search either.

course thats just my uneducated opinion. a wild guess. a "no shoes no shirt no service" sign, means you can make me leave and/or refuse service. but you cant take me to jail for not having shoes on my feet. i avoid those places until i know the answer regarding gun free zones in Virginia, but i think they just state the owners right to ask you to leave. i dont see how they could try to find out if you had a gun. keep it concealed.
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