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bobotech - It shouldn't be out of time if R&D made it for a Uberti. Are you sure it isn't made for a Pietta replica? I know it can be out of time, but that's not usual. Anyway, the price you paid for it makes it worth a trip to the gunsmith..!!
Yup. Awesome deal.

Yes, it is for a Uberti. It will not fit at all in my Pietta 1858 but fits fine in my Uberti perfectly. I bought the pistol with only about 50 rounds shot though it for 150 bux too!

So for 200 dollars total, I have a cap and ball with a conversion cylinder.

Anyway, when I cock it rather quickly, the cylinder has a tendency not to "click" into place and will be off a hair.

If I gently nudge the cylinder, it then "clicks" into place and is fine. Happens about 1 out of 4 cocks and isn't repeatable on the same bore hole.

I can shoot it, but I won't let others shoot it and I have to be careful.

I have been thinking about letting Steve's Guns take it for a month or two to get worked over and slicked up. Would cost about 150 dollars or so.
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