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A full out 'firearms ban' is not likely to occur without SERIOUS revolt and they know this. Sure the sheeple will walk straight to a gas chamber if asked to, but I'm talking about 'we the people' that have a brain.

As stated before ... such a result happens slowly. It has been happening slowly, but surely.

The first thing that happened was the registration of what is now called "class 3 weapons" and that was not long ago. Keep in mind that this has NOTHING to do with our personal safety … it’s about tightening control.

Then the ‘waiting period’ came into play. This ONLY makes us desensitized to the upcoming gun laws.

Then the prohibition of specific characteristics of firearms. Calling them assault weapons for instance. They tell us what we CAN’T have with the weapon; vertical forend grip, type of stock, high capacity mags, etc… Anyone feel safer or just more ‘controlled’?

Pretty soon ALL STATES will eventually adopt some kind of law that says something like this “all firearms given, constructed, sold or transfers must be conducted through a Federal License holder”. No private sale, gift, or private assembly will be permitted. This will make absolute record (call it registration) of each and every firearm that exists eventually. It will be claimed to make us ‘safer’ but will ONLY tighten their control and create a mandatory registration so to speak without actually creating a ‘specific registration law’.

More laws will be passed which will force the Federal License holders to confiscate and report weapons that are not within the letter of the MANY laws/specifications. And you know they will confiscate/report it ... as does today, their livelyhood depends on it (not to mention prison time, fines, and loss of their Federal License).

See how this works over time? People have been just plain STUPID to allow our government to put their foot in the door with this BS. It ALWAYS starts out small like seat belts, then it progresses to being allowed to be pulled over for a seat belt check, then this allows everyone to be more likely to be ‘asked‘ to be searched. Such crap only promotes search & seizure when WE do not know our rights. Slowly progressing to loss of our rights for sake of security.

Some day you will hear a news broadcast stating “America is now under martial law, your constitutional rights have now been suspended, the comforts and security you have demanded are now mandatory”.
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