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bobotech - It shouldn't be out of time if R&D made it for a Uberti. Are you sure it isn't made for a Pietta replica? I know it can be out of time, but that's not usual. Anyway, the price you paid for it makes it worth a trip to the gunsmith..!!

Smokin - Agree with you there, but R&D sort of made it a rule for safety reasons. Says so on their site:

Always let the hammer fully down on an EMPTY chamber! In six shot conversion units, load only five rounds and let the hammer fully down on the EMPTY sixth chamber. In five shot ‘Pocket Model” conversion units, load only four rounds and let the hammer down on the EMPTY fifth chamber.
They also say that the 1860 conversion has safety stops between chambers so it would be ok for CAS, but they "strongly recommend" that you still set the hammer down on an empty chamber for any other use.

I see loading all six the same as having a round in the tube in a autoloader, with the hammer back. If you drop it, it could very well go bang. I never plan to drop my gun, but I acknowledge that I could. Besides, loading 5 makes it easier to keep count. I get 10 cylinder loads to a box of 50 rounds.
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