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It is death by a thousand cuts.
Yep, and that's what Elmer Fudd gets for being complacent.

Though I am mostly a muzzleloader and SA revolver guy, I commend the EBR crowd for at least understanding the importance of sticking together. From what I read on these forums, the EBR guys "get it".

To #75, your point #3 is right on the money.

The great power that has been entrusted to the media is being misused to sway elections, and even more so to turn public opinion against guns. They are so blatant about it, it's almost funny. TV show and movie characters routinely drop lines that sound like they came straight from the Brady Campaign.

The other big mistake gunnies have made was to buy into a debate where the allowed topics were narrowed so the truth would always be outside those confines.

If someone set out to steal your bicycle, and they set the debate limits so you can't talk about stealing or bicycles, chances are you're going to lose your bicycle.

And you won't see that coming.
"Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows."
-George Orwell
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